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Object Oriented Programming: Simple,Effective and a Reality..!!

Object Oriented Programming: Simple,Effective and a Reality..!!

                                   “Beauty of the code is the ultimate defense against complexity”

                         For those leading a so called “dev” life, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is just a merely a programming methodology to encapsulate data. They find OOP complex and procedural programming paradigm’s easier with just mere functions and loops. But OOP has so much relation to our everyday life and it is the only programming technique that we can experience in real time. Just take a stroll around your house keeping the basic concepts of OOP in mind (classes, inheritance, polymorphism….:)). Did u observe something??? We’ll …..You saw a class named “family” with your grandparents, parents, siblings (as well as you..!:3) as members of the class and what do they do in the family? They love, care and support each other. So technically , methods like love(), care(), support() can be applied to the members  of the class. The whole data is wrapped up into a class named family. After some years the next generation of this family comes into existence. So the next generation will be the objects of this class family (eg: object named nextgen) which will acquire the same characteristics and behavior of the class. Moreover, other classes can be inherited from the class family. This is where the “beauty of OOP” lies….a wide connection to reality, that can be observed and experienced…!!

object oriented programming code example

Too much reality talks right..?? Lets try to understand what the “real” OOP is. The main utility of OOP is avoiding “code redundancy”.(for those who are not into programming may haven’t heard about this i.e, writing the same code again and again). For the class, its objects can be created which are a blueprint of the class. So, the objects created can be used instead of writing the whole class again. A large section of the software developers hate this object oriented programming (but there exists some companies who promote OOP ;)).This is mainly because focus is on how the objects behave and not the code required to tell them how to behave. In other words, OOP code is based on how the objects of the class interact each other. In the case of the normal programming paradigm just actions are done on data to produce the desired output by applying inbuilt functions and loops. But in OOP, it gives details about what are the properties of data, how they exist and all such information about the properties of data which the developers never think about. Another advantage is that it incorporates hierarchical thinking.

Every theory in this world has a bright side and a dark side which is usually forgotten. But as a person who loves programming it is his duty to analyse the drawbacks and bring them to the bright side. So, Object Oriented Programming has also many disadvantages which has not been tried to correct over these years, making OOP less popular. Normally , all the OOP programs are lengthy and involves the use of many members which consumes memory. In addition, this reduces the execution speed. Another disadvantage is that , to write and execute OOP programs proper OOP knowledge is required i.e,techniques like encapsulating data into a class,object creation and using them in appropriate places,derived classes…etc.If the procedures are not properly known and understood the desired project maybe futile.

Even though , OOP posses this many disadvantages…if it is properly understood and used in everyday practice OOP  as sweet as a piece of cake. Readers, Try more object oriented techniques than following the conventional ways…Explore the new arenas of programming…!! :3

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Cyber Security Weakness – Loopholes to the Malicious

Cyber Security Weakness – Loopholes to the Malicious

“Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is complete substitute for life.”

security - hacker image
As the quote says, internet is so big and vast and there are countless number of people using this facility recklessly involving a need for a secure network.  Cyber security is meant for the protection of the information system from theft or damage of the hardware, software and the information on them as well as protection of the services they provide. In today’s technically ever-growing world, from small kids to old men internet is like a plaything in their hands. Since it has users of various age groups as well as all the budding multi national companies rely on this network computers, therefore ample protection is required. In the earlier days, the cyber security was much stronger than nowadays condition. Just take any newspaper , you can see a number of cyber crimes,this shows the weakness of today’s network security weakness. For example, Whatsapp last week announced it roll out end to end encryption for its users which was done to increase the chat security level but the developers never thought that this service becomes more attractive to spammers.

There are different types of cyber crimes today which is indeed a threat to the present as well as the future generations. Hacker Kevin Mitnick said “The weakest link in the security chain is the human element”.This proves to be correct as in today’s security levels more than the information and data hacked from MNC’s , humans ranging from small kids to women are becoming victims to the scenario. Frequent posting of pics in social media sites and the never ending flow of likes and comments can be an entertainment as well as compliment to the people posting but there are malicious people with crooked minds on the other side ready to hack the account and use the pics and the details provided.
security - image

In order to minimize the cyber crimes occurring today, Lets analyze what a cyber crime is, what are it’s different types and tips to prevent it. A cyber crime is any crime which in involves computer and network where the computer can be the target or can be used to do the crime.There are different types of cyber crimes:

  • Computer viruses: These are malicious programs that can replicate themselves eating up the disk space, accessing personal information ,to steal the important data, to crash system..etc. Creating such computer virus is a crime.
  • Cyber-stalking: It is the use of internet to harass an individual, or an organisation or any groups via networks and electronic media. For example, accessing the financial details of an individual from any shopping website or so and harassing on its grounds.
  • Identity theft: It is the crime involving the access of personal information of any individual without his or her consent. This information can be used to create fake credit cards, driving license ..etc molesting the individual financially and mentally.

How to increase the network security levels:

  • Setup privacy settings, enable safety modes and set up filtering content options.
  • Enforce strong password policies.Passwords are like a toothbrush- choose a good one,change after sometime:)
  • encrypt confidential information.
  • install proper firewall settings.
  • Use a reliable security solution
  • while creating accounts, don’t give out much personal info like last name, dob if utter necessary.
  • never download attachments from unknown mails and spams as it may contain virus.
  • Educate children, teens and co workers about the ongoing cyber crimes.