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How to create a Basic HTML Form

How to create a Basic HTML Form

Whether it be a Gmail account Sign up or a personal data entry, at some point in everyones life, we’ve dealt with a form, Is’nt it? Have you ever thought of making these forms all by yourself? If not, let’s get started..!!

With a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS , one of the simplest projects you can do to make your web development fundamentals strong is a Basic HTML Form. For doing this get in touch with a good text editor like Atom or Sublime. In this tutorial post, I’m making a Contact form which can be used in many applications.

Just have a quick review on basic html tags and css commands here.

1.Open your text editor

Open a new untitled file and save it in “.html” format.  Start with <html> tag. Specify your suitable heading and include your stylesheet and scripts inside the< head> tag. If you want to include any Google fonts specify the link in the <link> tag. Close your head tag.

Screenshot from 2017-02-23 17-22-48

To make all the input boxes aligned and to make it centered in the web page , I’ve used a feature called a flexbox. It’s just a div tag given to whole html code and the div is styled according to the commands given inside style tag. Read more about how to use flexbox here.

2. Building your Form

Start by opening your body tag. Since we are creating an HTML form , a form tag is required to enclose all details of the form. I’ve used an unordered list (<ul><li>) for the inputs to be in order and to display as a list. (Not necessary, just input tags are fine:). Inside the form,give input tag with type as text and also with a suitable placeholder text. For inputs such as numbers or email address, type can be specified as number or email respectively. Keep in mind to give a suitable name in each input tag, so to target the inputs for future applications. The code is written for ten input boxes in the below pic.

Screenshot from 2017-02-23 17-23-11

Screenshot from 2017-02-23 17-23-29

Don’t forget to specify ample amount of  class names in each div tag so as to make the styling easier for each division. A “Submit” button is also attached using the button tag and input type as submit to collect all the responses from each input box.

3. Style your Form

Brush up your CSS , to get it speedy here..!!

Open a new untitled file and save it in “.css” extension. Include this style sheet in the link tag inside the head tag.

Target each class using the syntax “.class-name” and style accordingly using the commands. Give the measurement of each styling in pixels. Refer the code below to complete your stylesheet.

Screenshot from 2017-02-23 17-24-30

4. Make it Mobile Responsive

In this life where smartphones don’t get free from our hands, who doesn’t want our form to be properly viewed on a mobile? To make our Html form to fit suitably in the width of our mobile screen or tablet, it should be made responsive to different dimensions. For making it responsive, I’m using mediaQuery (can also be made responsive by bootstrap or other methods).

Target the enclosing classes inside mediaquery (@media), correcting the width of each enclosing div not exceeding more than 500 pixels. Copy the code below to make our form mobile responsive.

Screenshot from 2017-02-23 17-25-34 (copy)

Include this code to your style sheet. To check whether your has become responsive or not, adjust your browser size by going to Tools->Web Developer->Responsive Design Mode (I’m using Mozilla Firefox web browser for development purposes:).

The final HTML form will look like:

Screenshot from 2017-02-24 05-59-41

In Responsive mode,

Screenshot from 2017-02-24 06-00-32

If you had a meddle with the pictures, get the full source code here:Html code  CSS code

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Happy learning..!! 🙂

Spreadsheet programming with Google Apps Script – An example

Spreadsheet programming with Google Apps Script – An example


Let’s familiarize with a popular yet unnoticed Google product – The Google Apps Script. Mostly , apps script is used in collaboration with Google spreadsheets, Google docs in the recent scenario to manage the data within them. But with a strong foundation of JavaScript, definitely it can be used as a shortcut for making functional and practical web applications. Google Apps Script uses JavaScript as it’s scripting language.Tutorials and examples provided within the site will be an aid in the journey.

Keeping the talks of app script aside, let’s build a simple web application to append data to a row i.e, add a row of data to a spreadsheet. A prior knowledge of HTML fundamentals and JavaScript basics are essential to code.

A reminder to the reader’s, from 2014 some User interface functions and objects like UiApp, createApplication(), Widget, IDE for GUI..etc have been deprecated. It is advisable to use HTMLServices instead for simplicity and troubleshooting while developing the GUI.

Get started..!!

1. Open Google Drive:

Login to your Google Drive account and click New->Google Spreadsheet. When an empty spreadsheet opens, rename it. Click on Tools->Script editor.

If you want to deploy any stand- alone web applications that does not involve any documents or spreadsheets from Google Drive, you can go to the link directly.





The blank script editor will look like this shown below.

Screenshot from 2016-12-18 22-56-14




2.Create a new Html file:

Create a new html file from File->New->Html file. Give the name of new html file as index.html. Type in the code given below inside the body tag(<body></body>). Keep the other tags given by default untouched.

Screenshot from 2016-12-19 23-51-26




3. Manipulate file:

Include Html Services:

Now manipulate the file provided with a blank myfunction() by default. If you want you can rename it according to your purpose. It is the function where the essentials to build GUI are specified. is basically a pure JavaScript file.

I’ve renamed the default myfunction() as demoHtmlService() as it is the function where the html file created before needs to be included. Type in the following code to get your UI built.
function demoHtmlServices() {
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(),
html = HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile('index');;

To append data to the spreadsheet:

Google App script is developed solely with the idea to manage spreadsheets. To insert data to the spreadsheet, create a function named getValuesFromForm()  below the previous code. JavaScript has many inbuilt library functions like Appendrow() to make the coding less sophisticated. Insert the code below inside the user defined function.

function getValuesFromForm(form){
var firstName = form.firstName;
sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet();

The final file will look like this:

Screenshot from 2016-12-19 23-51-07





Debug your code and hit Run to execute the code. Test the code to check the working by giving in some data. The final output will be like:

Screenshot from 2016-12-19 23-52-18




If you’re stuck somewhere in between or require any additional features to this example, Check out the following links:

Web apps- Google developers

Guide to include Html Services

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Try this out and have fun with Google Apps Script..!! 🙂

How to Install HP Printer Drivers on Ubuntu

How to Install HP Printer Drivers on Ubuntu

Wondering how to print stuff in your new linux environment? And got a driver CD along with printer for Windows?No worries, This article makes your life between your new OS to the next level.

Follow the steps, type in some commands into your terminal and you’re done. Just print away papers after this…!!

I’m using HP Laserjet Professional printer and the steps provided are according to installing a HP printer driver.

Some of the latest HP printers in the market are of “plug and play” mode, for those users just plug in their printer cable to your PC, select the plugged in printer and print as you wish. But for the earlier models of HP printers together with Ubuntu users, You need to install an open source software known as HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing).

1. Download HPLIP :

Go to this link and click on the tab “Download HPLIP”. The installation file has a considerable size, wait for sometime for the download to finish. After the download, check in your downloads folder that a file exists with a “.run” extension.

Screenshot from 2016-12-03 11-28-12



2. Open your Terminal:

Press  Ctrl+Alt+T for your terminal to open, or open it from your launcher. Type away the following commands. The version may change depending on when you’re reading this.


The XXXX in the change directory command denotes the folder to which you have saved the installation file from the website. And type the corresponding file name in the sh command. (It may be different for different users. just check..!). You’ll receive messages like this given in the below pic.






To choose the automatic mode of installation, type in the following. (Hit Enter after each command to confirm)

enter your password

Take a while for the processing to finish. After each process, Read the dialogues in the terminal and type in the suitable i.e, y-yes, n-no.






After a while, a message comes up as in the above picture. To Remove and Install type i.

Type in y,n,i depending on your choices till the message “SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED”. Type r to restart the system.

After restarting , On your menu bar , a small blue colored hp icon will appear. Shows that your driver is perfectly installed and shortcut to hp device manager.






3. Download plugin:

Click on the blue icon. A dialogue box like this will appear.






Activate the radio button to download and install the plugin to make your driver fully functioning with the printer.

After the installation, your printer is ready to use..!!

Guide to Include Google Maps API in Android Studio project

Guide to Include Google Maps API in Android Studio project

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could include the original and well popular ” Google Maps ” in your Android app ? A quick , few simple steps can enable maps in your Android Studio project, and make your app facilitate to GPS, navigation , Location data and lots more.

Stop thinking from where Google Maps comes from, young developer. Generate an Google Maps API id and attach it to your project at the required file. The Google Maps is all yours to develop. Check out the following steps:


Creating a new Map Activity:

Open Android Studio. Give a suitable application name of your choice. Click next and select GoogleMaps Activity from the activity options list. When you click finish, And get the gradle build finished the output  google_maps_api.xml will look like this.

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 13-16-55

Enabling Google Maps API:

Copy the highlighted URL in the above picture onto your browser. You’ll reach the official site of Google API credentials.

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 13-20-23

Click Continue. Wait for the API to become enabled. After the API is enabled, a new screen will pop up like this to generate the required API key.

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 13-22-28

Click Create API key button. An API key will be generated to incorporate Google Maps in your developing Android application.

Copy the generated ID and paste the key in “YOUR KEY HERE” in google_maps_api.xml. This will make the Google Maps function .

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 13-17-33

Setting a marker (location):

Open the from the main tab.

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 13-18-04

In the onMapReady() there is a default marker setting as Sydney. You can change this marker according to your desired loaction.

Give the desired lattitude and logitude in the LatLng() function. You can specify your location in the position() function. Add any text to the marker if necessary in the text portion,

I’ve developed a sample , where the marker is at the location of Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-24 at 8.59.44 PM

Hope you guys will try it out..!!:) Happy learning..!!


How to Solve Poor Range Issue with Realtek Wireless Cards on Ubuntu

How to Solve Poor Range Issue with Realtek Wireless Cards on Ubuntu


New to Ubuntu? Or recently installed Ubuntu on your device?  upgraded to latest version 16.04 LTS ?? are some of the questions that arouse in a tech geek’s mind when the not-so-geeky people complain that their laptops are not showing the available WiFi networks in the area or have connections with very poor range when they log into Ubuntu. Over the time it has been a very common issue for all the Linux users, especially the newcomers.

From  personal experience, the following steps have proven useful when the WiFi hardware in my device was showing poor range(can be accessed only in a position very close to the router) and no other networks were detected. This is because your network hardware is using the wrong antenna configuration for communication.

Solution :

Download WiFi driver source files:

Establish a network connection by using an Ethernet cable from your router to download the necessary files. Download the zip file from the below link, unzip it, and copy the files onto the Desktop for easy accessibility.  To download the zip file: Download

Screenshot from 2016-10-07 21-35-01


 Open the Terminal:

Type in the following commands.




cd Desktop
cd rtlwifi_new-rock.new_btcoex

Now the directory is changed to the required driver file folder. In order to build and install the components in the driver file, type in the following.


Screenshot from 2016-10-05 22-22-38





Wait for the processes to get finished. Enter the sudo commands below and give the necessary authentication password wherever required.

sudo make install
sudo modprobe -rv rtl8723be
sudo modprobe -v rtl8723be ant_sel=2

Enter the iwconfig command, and note down the id displayed at first starting with “wl___”. Keep that id in mind to use it and replace your corresponding id( depends on the network card that each user is using) in the place of the code starting with “wl” in the following commands.

sudo ip link set wlo1 up
sudo iw dev wlo1 scan

To make your settings permanent,

echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel=2" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/50-rtl8723be.conf

Screenshot from 2016-10-05 22-23-46






And that should get everything working! 🙂

Jio SIM won’t lock your sim slot

Jio SIM won’t lock your sim slot

The latest buzz-feed of the town, Reliance Jio  has become a tough competitor against all mobile telecom companies in the market. The tech-savvy among the people have been trying to get a Jio connection for its highly attractive offers that other mobile networking companies fail to provide. The astonishing free data plans, cheap voice calls has shook the crowd in recent days.


Its quite normal in the society to generate fake rumours about something that has been so captivating in a short span of time. So do the case of Jio SIM. One of the rumours circulating about Jio SIM is that it will lock your device after its been used, no other sim can be used on the same device. If it’s a dual SIM phone, it is claimed that it will lock the card slot that it was inserted into.

Jio SIM will not lock your phone!

Fortunately the rumours prove to be wrong. Reliance Jio SIM is just like any other sim offered by other networks providers. It will not lock your card slot and can switch back to whichever sim you wish.

And there’s nothing mentioned about it in the Reliance Jio Terms and Conditions.

Although the Jio sim card might be tied to your registered device using the IMEI number of your device but not the other way around.


Just a little knowledge to the layman, Reliance Jio SIM is LTE based (Long Term Evolution). Since this is a 4G SIM card, keep in mind that it will not function on 3G or 2G networks. Moreover, if you’re planning to use another SIM from another service provider i.e, 2G or 3G , in order to avoid problems, change the network type on your phone. To change the network type, Go to settings -> Network modes and change it from LTE to the desired mode to avoid ambiguities while using various connections.


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From avid gamers to the movie maniacs, torrent websites are certainly an inevitable part in their lives to sustain their passion. But now, it’s time for a huge blow on this young genre. , one of the ever favorite and world’s largest torrent website has declared its shutdown all of a sudden. This unexpected scenario is giving a strong hit to millions of users spread far and wide. The number of fans for this website grew day by day in exponential rate making it highly popular over its lifespan of 13 years. But the reason for its shutdown still remains a mystery.





Before 13 years……

Torrentz , a meta search engine ( a search tool that uses other search engines information to produce their own data) built for BiTorrent set its first foot into Internet.




Initially, launched with a simple user interface where the desired torrent files can be obtained by typing in keywords. Its simple outlook was the key to its popularity. It winned over  the hearts of teens, by becoming a pathway to outsource their favorite TV shows and movies.

At Present….

Before a couple of hours, without any prior notice or any sort of warnings, users searching for links found themselves that no longer those links were available. Even though the appearance of the site looked as earlier, its search functionality was disabled.

Moreover, all the content within the website is referring itself in “past tense” in this present moment. On opening the site it displays a melancholy message relieving its good times in these past years. A feeling of departure, missing etc. all instills in that text on site launch.

“Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines ”

– (present display text)

Moreover, When people are trying to search something in the search bar, It displays yet another message with deepest emotions.

“Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.”




An emotional rollercoaster starts its take off in the minds of hardcore fans of Torrentz on reading this message. But a glimpse of concern and a goodbye assuring a return enthralls here.

check out this article.

Lets hope that this legendary site will have a great comeback to bring back  the old smiling faces…!!

A word from Torrentz lovers:  We too love you..!! 🙂

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How To Build Your Dream Startup

How To Build Your Dream Startup

S.T.A.R.T.U.P …. When you hear this word, the first feeling that comes to mind is initiating or “starting” something. Yes, startup is a company or a firm that had blossomed from a striking idea.

A successful startup requires to follow three golden rules– to provide what a customer actually want, minimal investment and expenditure and above all a good team to work with. Most startup that shut down because they fail to obey anyone of the above mentioned.


There may be may questions like what is the root idea for the startup? Whom to hire? From where capital investment can be obtained?  In minds of people aspiring to build their startup. But if you follow the golden rules these doubts will disappear like a haze.

The start of the startup – catchy idea

When an aspiring person comes across a brainstorming idea, this is the point where that person unknowingly begins to think about the plan of putting up a company on the foundation of this idea. But successful startup entrepreneurs say that there is no much success factor in the initial idea but the idea moulds on the go. The brilliance to offer better technology is what matters.


Certainly, a basic idea is required. A startup with no focussed idea is like ripples in water. However, its only the beginning. Companies tend to change their business strategies en route so as to face the counter attacks.

The main disadvantage of these ideas are that, they are not transferrable. That is, If you have an idea with a business potential to some extend and you say this to someone whom you assume to be trustworthy. Business is full of tips and tricks. That person whom you conveyed the idea can take advantage on this and can build his own empire with such a small talk. But the budding ideas should be brainstormed to the maximum and explore its full business potential with whom you would love to start this venture with.

How to offer better technology to customers?

It is important to realize how important  is to have concern for a successful startup. The success secret lies in this stage. The customers want products that they have never used or experienced. To offer modified versions of the existing product does not seem attractive to the consumers in search of better technology to add color to their life.

Technology for the common layman is something that makes their life easier. So they expect products which makes their life smooth and ultimately, the success of a product whether it is an application or software lies in the hands of the customers. It is their decision to throw it away or either to cradle it. Therefore its mandatory to fulfill the customer requirements and please them.

To realize what the customer actually want, the makers can present a prototype of the product and modify it according to the customers reaction. In nearly failed startups, the actual problem for failing is that the customer didn’t like the product. It is really necessary and important to avoid this circumstances in your dream startup.

Whom to hire and work with?

Almost all the budding startups are started off with a team of friends either from school or college.  But it is a very good strategy to some extend. When you are working with your friends they can easily understand what you mean to convey and the feeling of teamspirit develops within you and that becomes a driving force to go ahead in all circumstances that you face. There are some disadvantages too.

If you are trying to collaborate your work with friends in school there is ideal chance to accompany them on the basis of friendship where talent should have been given the first priority for hiring. There is also possibility to miss out talented techies like hackers, coders when enclosed in a school gang. The best solution to this problem is to choose your co workers from college, so that your collegues will be able to take up the project technically as well as mentally. In college only one get to know people with several area of “tech” interest, so if you include good hackers , coders and people with tech awareness about the necessary requirements, you’ve got a good team to work with.

The college project group is yet another team to work with. Usually that is the point where you get to know good hackers, as hackers themselves do small projects to develop their skill. And, the project if it have a business scope, it can turn out to be another in demand startup.

On your startup voyage, you may have to hire people from outside the circle of your starting team. People with dedication and willing to take up their work seriously and work for hours till their job is done can be hired as they show off their efficiency at their job. For hiring programmers, certain filters can be set such as genuine smartness, ability to get the work done efficiently,skill, personality etc.

To make it all happen- The fund

Raising money to make your dream startup is another bridge you have to cross. As said in the golden rules, minimal expenditure and investment makes a successful startup financially.

First of all, a ” seed capital” is required to develop the prototype. This is comparitvely a less expense when compared to other expenditures. In all the startups, this amount is usually collected by individual contribution within the team. When the prototype of the product is ready by using the seed capital, the next step is to find “investors” for the future expenses.

The investors , so called “angels” are people who will provide the required fund, because these people themselves have benefitted from technology. Angels have to be scouted and searched using personal contacts or by any other means. It is very important to present them with a good prototype of the product, so that if they are satisfied with the demo presented and understand that the proposed product have market scope in the near future, They might agree to fund your company’s expenses.

When the startup is all set with the money that it need, its the turn for the founders to use it wisely and cutting down on unwanted expenses.

Launch your startup

A good team, A brilliant product, required money all have find its way to your dream place. Its now time to register your company and start off your work. Work together as a team, launch your product, find out the reasons if it is not up to the mark, launch it again these are all part of a startup venture that make your company grow.



As I do not own a startup but wish to do so in future (check out our About Us..!), to write these ups and downs in the making of a startup, I’ve took references from “how to start a startup by Paul Graham” . Those who have that spark and viguor to take off their dream startup, go through the specified link for the detailed version. Also checkout,

Dream sky high, Go the extra mile ahead..!!





The Next-Gen Streaming App: HavFun

The Next-Gen Streaming App: HavFun

Whether it is a small kid or an adult, we all like to watch videos, isn’t it? Videos of all sorts are now our popular means to pass time. But often, crashing rates of data consumption while using applications like YouTube, Hotstar etc. refrain us from downloading videos. A group of young minds have generated an optimum solution for this problem – The HavFun app.







The thrill of videos can only be experienced via direct streaming or downloading using mobile data or WiFi which can be strenuous while watching and the huge data consumption can make a hole in our pocket. Some applications like YouTube have offline feature enabling us to watch our favourite videos later but people fail to realise that it swallows phone memory for saving the video. But, HavFun app uses live hotspots to stream videos without interruption.

How does HavFun app work?

Hotspot devices are set up in public gatherings like railway stations, airport, bus depots, metro trains and in all such locations where people are craving for a mean of entertainment to kill time during waiting and add colour to their journey.  Users who have downloaded the app can access these hotspots.

Each hotspot device is capable of serving around 100 people simultaneously without any clash. It offers 2000 hours of live streaming. Films, videos, even TV channels are available on the app for watching. It also has an added feature to watch new movies at less cost (sounds cool right..? :)).



  • Not even a single MB of data is lost.
  • Huge data consumption for the Ads during video which are often irritating to the users are not present here.

This application which can strike gold in the coming days is deviced by a Mutotack Technologies owned by a group of friends from the God’s own country.

The CEO, Mutotack Technologies announced that HavFun is expected to release on Google Play Store and secure a residing place in smartphones by the last week of July, 2016.

THE CLOUD- A Service With No Boundaries

THE CLOUD- A Service With No Boundaries

Look at the sky…… You can see the clouds floating in luscious and boundless blue sky. A nature enthusiast may see it as white blotches swaying in the sky. But things have evolved and undergone changes. For today’s technology-stricken world, cloud is a metaphor for “the Internet”.

Cloud Computing is a network sharing resource which has been in practice from small networks to the far and complicated networks for big business magnets for the past ten years or so. Some networks still do refrain from using cloud service as it seems confusing to handle but the reality is just the opposite.

Cloud is basically a pathway or a platform for sharing a pool of resources that consists of both physical and virtual resources on the internet rather than relying on local hardware or servers. Structurally, it uses a network of remote servers hosted on Internet.


To understand the concept of cloud computing we’ll take a real time example. Consider a situation where we are assigned a project which needs lots of external resources like different software packages and data sharing between other networks. So, if the requirements are hosted on cloud, for usage, storage, sharing and management of these resources can be done directly on the cloud without depending on local servers.

Cloud computing offers individuals access to data and applications from nearly any point of access to the Internet, offers businesses a whole new way to cut costs for technical infrastructure, and offers big computer companies a potentially giant market for hardware and services.

-Jamais Cascio

The main characteristics of cloud computing are:

  • The resources that are meant to be computed are pooled together to serve multiple consumers with different physical and virtual resources are dynamically assigned and re assigned according to the consumer demand.
  • The resources hosted in the cloud can only be retrieved “on-demand”.
  • It supports multi tenacity, i. e, for different consumer constituencies it provides features like service levels, isolation governance etc.
  • It is used to cater different services; for storage, hosting servers etc.

Why cloud computing so popular?

All described in a nutshell in the image below.


There are four main types of clouds. They are:

  • Public Cloud: As the name suggests, all the files, resources that are uploaded on the cloud are made available to all the public users. Users can use the reserve directly from cloud on demand as and when required.
  • Private Cloud: This cloud mainly deals with a single organisation for pooling, sharing the files and data within its own network. Here, the network confines to that particular organisation only.
  • Community Cloud: As the name suggests, it is for a community or in other words, a group of organisations. The cloud may or may not be controlled by a third party organisation.
  • Hybrid Cloud: It’s a combination of both private ,public and community clouds. It finds application in areas where sensitive data are to be stored as well as resources should be made available for public sharing.


The most easily understandable and popular applications based on cloud storage is Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox. In both these applications, files which can be pictures, documents etc. can be uploaded onto the cloud storage from any devices and those uploaded files can be accessed by any user on any other device who are registered with the the application.

Cloud is basically a network service. The users can modify the cloud to their needs and use the cloud so as to cater its needs as a “service”. That is, the same cloud can perform as a platform for some users whereas infrastructure for another section.

Mainly, cloud can provide three main services. They are:


  • SaaS (Software as a Service): When cloud work as SaaS, software (application) are hosted on the cloud and these software can be used by the users on a subscription license agreement rather than relying on the original server. In this service, data is accessible from any connected computer. Since software is directly used from the cloud, no data is lost.  It runs on distant remote computers that are connected to users via Internet.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service): In PaaS, cloud is used as a “platform” for developing as well as deploying applications. When used as a platform, it reduces complexity for generation of the project.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): The whole infrastructure required for the complete build of the project is facilitated by the cloud , it is IaaS. All the functions of the server computers, hosting, sharing etc. are all done by the cloud, so there is no investment in the hardware required. So the infrastructure needed for these functions is supplied by the cloud as a “service”.


Our views have changed from the premature stage. Now cloud can be described as a network of computers , endless storage medium and a source of services deviating from its common meaning.  Almost everything available on the internet (even this blog post  you are reading:)!) are cloud hosted.  So go the cloud computing way..!!